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Passionate – Experienced – Professional

Achieve Your Goals And Increase Your Profit Margins

Compton Irrigation is located in Barton County of Southwestern Missouri. This family-run business has been in operation for more than 70 years. Our combined experience will ensure your irrigation needs are met.

Proper field irrigation ensures your crops and pastures will have water even in a drought season; reassuring your peace of mind. A well-designed irrigation system can keep your crops growing while increasing profit margins for many years to come.

Irrigation Systems

Customized irrigation systems for your needs.

The Leader In Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Products

Having the correct product for the correct application is important

We Have You Covered

Parts Department

Valley Genuine Parts makes all the difference to your operation.

Financing Available

Irrigation Engines

A good engine to run your generator, well, or pump.

Rebates Available


Valley-certified technicians with a combined 140+ years of experience

If We Sell It, We Can Fix It!

Ag Solar

New possibilities for your business by making energy available

Solar Looks More Attractive Than Ever

Passionate – Experienced – Professional

Family Owned And Operated

Our overarching goal is to enhance and maximize your profit margins over an extended period, ensuring sustained financial growth and success for your business. We are dedicated to implementing strategic initiatives and innovative approaches that will not only yield immediate results but also establish a foundation for long-term profitability. By leveraging our expertise and commitment to excellence, we aim to contribute significantly to the sustained financial prosperity of your enterprise, fostering a trajectory of success that extends well into the future

  • 70+ years of experience

  • Increased profit margins for many years to come

  • Courteous and professional

Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

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